Medan Ikan Bakar @ Muara Sg. Duyong, Melaka

Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyong

Ikan Bakar or grill fish is very famous in Melaka mainly due to its proximity to the Straits of Melaka where fresh seafood is in abundant supply. One of the famous Ikan Bakar restaurant I frequently visits is Medan Ikan Bakar at Muara Sungai Duyong.

Right Beside the Sea

Simple Decor

This restaurant is owned and run by Malay boasting super fresh seafood with simple decor. More than 20 different types of seafood are readily available ranging from fish, squid, cockles, crabs, prawns etc.

Fresh fish, crabs and prawns

The ordering process is very simple, you only need to select the types of seafood and cooking method. The waiters will weigh the selected seafood in front of you and confirm the order and pricing on the spot.
There are more than 10 cookings method on offer including the classic charcoal grill, marinated grill, sweet sour, oyster sauce stir-fry, chili paste stir-fry etc.

Cockles & Various Shell Fish

The specialty here is the Nasi Lemak or rice cooked with coconut milk and served with chili paste. Instead of serving white rice, packets of nasi lemak will be served. Each packet only cost a paltry 60 cents and one can easily consume 3 packets or more.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak with Fried Fish

We ordered fried kampong fish, sweet and sour fish, fried calamari, chili prawns, and grilled crabs. All dishes are very tasty and fresh.

Fried Fish

Fried Calamari

Sweet & Sour Fish

The special sauce which is made from Malay sweet soy sauce, green chili paste and fresh shallots topped with calamansi lime juice is heavenly.

Special Sauce

Do expect a healthy crowd especially on weekends as the seafood on offer is highly affordable. Our seafood feast that fed 10 person below only cost RM150+ inclusive of drinks (5 fresh coconuts and softdrinks).

Affordable Seafood Feast

Additional Review:
1. TansBeefNoodle

Direction: (Taken from TansBeefNoodle)
How to get there: Drive into Jalan Bandar Hilir, turn left into Jln Bukit Senjuang, turn a sharp right (just before the roundabout) into Lorong Bukit Senjuang (goodness don’t drive up into St. John Fort), turn left into Jln Hujung Pasir (past Portuguese settlement), Jln Padang Temu, past Tan Kim Hock hotel, Newton Food Center (I find the food there ok), into Pasir Ujong, past a major cross junction, after awhile you will reach a concrete bridge – that is Sg Duyung flowing underneath it – slow down and turn right immediately just after the bridge, there is a signboard telling you of Suana Sungei Duyung.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow! That looks like an incredible feast and you can't get any fresher! I wish they had restaurants like that here! Delicious!

Welcome to The Foodie BLogroll! :)

CYeat said...

Thanks Jenn, appreciate your visit and comments. I'll heed your advice and join foodbuzz too. Tq

Share my point of view... said...

I was browsing through your old posts and wow! I'm from Melaka too! I love ikan bakar too but have been cutting down my food intake lately.

Anonymous said...

Hi, any idea what time they close? Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I happened to be in Malacca for the day and I stumbled upon your blog post while looking for good "Ikan Bakar" places to eat at. Deciding to give it a try, I drove over (got lost along the way) and the place was packed! I expected the food to be good and reasonably priced but to my dismay, the food lacked quality. Yes, the seafood was very fresh but the way it was cooked made it lack taste. Shellfish were not properly cleaned and had a muddy taste while the grilled fish, "Ikan Bakar" was not fully cooked and lacked taste. It was just plain fish without seasoning! I have had good "Ikan Bakar" from around the country and this place just lacks taste and quality. Thumbs up for variety and freshness though.

By the way, this place gets very hot and humid if you are sitting outside and it would help if they had fans placed in the outside dining area. If you are new to having good grilled seafood I would suggest starting your culinary adventure somewhere else.

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